Its In the Wash- Time (and Money) Saving Tips for the Laundry!

Here are 16 quick ways to save time and money on laundry:

1. Re-wear your jeans, at least 2x.
2. Re-wear and re-purpose. Pj’s worn two nights in a row can be exercise clothes in the morning.
3. If you have only wore it for a few hours, hang it up!
4. Make your own laundry soap. Laundry soap recipes can be found for a dime-a-dozen on the internet for both regular machines and H.E. machines. Homemade laundry soap lasts longer and is much cheaper.
5. Use cold water, it is just as effective as warm/hot.
6. Use a clothes line (indoor or outdoor) to wasting energy by running the dryer. If you do need to run the dryer, run it during cold/winter days and keep your laundry closet/room open. You can warm part of the house and possibly not have to have the heat on.
7.  Have a laundry schedule and stick to it!
8. Put clothes away, RIGHT away, to avoid ironing, or hang it up right away at least!
9.  De-clutter and de-clothes your closet! Less clothes makes for less laundry! Limit kids to 10 outfits each.
11. Dry a wrinkled garment with a wet cloth for  or hang in the bathroom while showering with hot water to avoid ironing.
12. Begin laundry at night, and throw into the dryer in the morning.
13. Make sure your clothes always go into your laundry basket and NEVER on the floor!
14. Keep laundry in closets or laundry room and out of immediate sight.
15. Teach and train children how to sort clothes, transfer to washer and then to dryer, fold and them away. They will be better about taking care of their clothes when they realize how much work it can be to get them washed.
16. Immediately spray or soak a stained garment. After washing hang the garment to dry, rather than putting it through the dryer where stains can be baked on permentantly.

Be Thrifty- Part 2: Food

   Thriftness is back and in bite size form! The following is our Thrifty Food Edition Post containing a list of easy ways to save on food when traveling, shopping, or eating out! Enjoy!


Go with a list/budget prepared ahead of time 
Have a menu plan made 
Use coupons 
Don’t shop when you are hungry or in a rush
Shop ONLY with cash so that you are forced to stay on your budget 
Make it a goal to come out of the store with money still in your pocket 
Buy a main ingrediant in bulk- and use it for several dishes
Buying only what’s in season
Minimilize ingrediants
Shop alone or with a self-controlled shopper

Take Out: 
Make it a special event instead of a regular occurance 
Budget the tip in your expense 
Share drinks, dishes and entrees
Order appetizers instead of entrees
Get goody bags to stretch the dish for more than one meal 
Sign up for resturants email lists- discounts and specials
Some resturants offer free food at certain times of the year,  a family event and do it! 
If possible, make resturant dishes at home

Travel at night so you are not  tempted to order out
Stick to a normal eating schedule as much as possible 
If buying drinks- opt for 12 packs on sale rather than bottled or fountain drinks 
Pre-plan your resturant stops ahead of time
Eat at a dine-in rather than fast food
Budget the tip in the expense
Go with discount cards and coupons 
Don’t graze on snack foods 
Pack foods with longer-lasting carbs and protein
On the Go Ideas: 
Consider making these ahead of time:
– Green drinks/juice
– Wraps (put dressing on the side)
– Sandwiches (condiments on the side)
-Trail Mix
-Breakfast Burritos
– Muffins