A Homemakers Almanac

    Always being one that has been fond of writing and journaling, I found a book called “Ms. Doonwoody’s Guide to Excellent Housekeeping” very intriguing. Ms. Doonwoody, a fictional character based on the ideas of woman who lived (happily) without modern convienences, collorborates all of her ideas for homemaking into one book. She encourages her readers to journal and jot down ideas, proved, tried, of ways to make their house into a home.  As she states:
   “Our family members wil carry the atmosphere we create in our homes for the rest of their lives”(pp7) 
   It is a charming book, full of wittiness, morality, and plain-good-common-sense ideas. From cures of (illness here) to recipes of quick deserts and how to accent and decorate your home. It is a must read. And following in her footsteps, I decided to start my own journal of home-keeping to be not only passed on to my children (Lord willing) but to also be shared with other woman who are looking for just a few creative ideas suitable for their homes. 
    This blog is in response to that. It is an electronice form of a book I’m making for my daughters- if I so should have them- everything I know about making a home into a welcoming haven. As I’m continuing to learn and grow so will this blog. So come and grow with me.