Regroup. Rewind. Recharge.


           Have you ever just had “one of those weeks”? I did. (That explains the lack of blog activity on my part). It was a stressful all day Saturday, break down Sunday and sleep-deprived Monday. It was due to a combination of a brain-overloaded with projects, the daily grind, fears about the future, and well being just plain busy. In the midst of “breaking down” here are a few things God was teaching me that I’d like to share.

      Fears are to be placed into HIS hands. Period.  Pray. Sing. Read the Psalms. Meditate on Psalm 73, Philippines 4:6-7. Put your name in those verses. Repent of your fears, and PRAISE Him with THANKFULNESS. Most of all, let his peace overwhelm you. Stay in his presence. Read Colossians 3: 1-4. Know we are HIS and HIS inheritance. Set your mind on Him. The craziness of life doesn’t “go-away” but we begin to see what we really need is not an “answer” but rather JESUS.  Set a time consistently to bask in his presence. Go on  as a mini-retreat if you can. I’ve just signed up for the Refresh Retreat in May (and I’m SO EXCITED!)

       Confide in someone. Call a close friend up, talk to your parents, talk to your spouse. Talk to somebody that you are close to, that know you well and that you trust their judgement and discernment. Ask them to help you see clearly, and ask them to be a shoulder to cry on, or a hug. Sometimes you don’t need anyone to “fix” your problems,just a listening ear and a caring heart. Most importantly, ask them to pray for you, praying God’s word over you. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you will be.

      Practically know your limits and don’t compare them to others.  Sometimes stressful circumstances are out of our control or are for a very short season (aka, a class giving a ton of homework, studying for a major test in a week, etc…)and sometimes they are not (planning your schedule too busy, saying “yes” to many people, being a “jack of all trades but master of none”etc..). My “go-go-go” ability can be a lot higher than others- I tend to be more energetic and outgoing than others, but that doesn’t mean it’s better. I may go a long time being extremely busy and then burn a huge fuse, perhaps differently than other friends that aren’t oriented that way. My schedule might not be as busy as some or a slow as others. None the less, I need to know what my limits are. Is staying out 3 days a week too much or is it 4? Is working 30 hours just the right amount, or 60? Will my body get rest, and time with the Lord if I’m doing ______ commitment? If you don’t know where your limits are, ask a friend to help you see it, before you burn a fuse. So with that in mind, it is ABSOLUTELY OKAY TO SAY NO to someone!

Rest is not wrong. In Fact, it’s necessary. When we don’t get enough R&R time, (rest and relaxtion) we will be grumpy, irritable, and everything that we have to make a decision about will seem like an explosion waiting to happen.(I.e. DO NOT ask me what I want to eat when I’m stressed. I really do not care!)   Know what helps you rewind-  My “rest” activities are swimming, a book, a hot bath with essential oils, my journal and ALL of my electronics turned OFF.  Do some kind of activity that will slow you down and yes, I am encouraging you to shut the media off (even movies?!) Screens help stimulate our minds rather than relax them. SLEEP. Play some calming music. DO SOMETHING that is physically relaxing. Pilates, stretching, get a message…the list can go on. Just NO MEDIA! Anything to help your body release the tension that the stress has caused. Sleep and relaxation does wonders on the mind and body, helping us to focus better. They are God’s gift to us, and he desires that we have them, and they are needed!!

  • Psalm 127:2  (Psalm 127)

    It is in vain that you rise up early

    and go late to rest,

    eating the bread of anxious toil;

    for he gives to his beloved sleep.


REST!!! REST!!! . REST!!!

So….. with that in mind, friends… go close out this blog, shut down your computer, turn off your phone, GO REST and ENJOY it.








You’re Invited!

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Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils


Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Essential oils, God’s original medicine, are powerful

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Todays Post is from my friends Kristy and Randy Rogers-  essential oil extraordinaires. Take a moment and read the following- then thank the next band of thieves you run in to. They may just be stealing the flu from you.

Fierce Protection for Home & Health with Thieves Products
In this day, when dangerous diseases and virulent viruses challenge our health from all sides, it is imperative that we build a “Zone of Protection” around home and family. I imagine that Zone as a force field so strong that viruses, bacteria, and sickness bounce off harmlessly. It protects me everywhere I go, because I use the Thieves Family of Products. This collection of home and personal care products from Young Living will boost your immune system and reduce the spread of germs. This newsletter shows many of the Thieves products that Young Living customers depend on to create their own Essential Zones of Protection. You can too-at work, when traveling-wherever you go. But first, let me tell you the story of Thieves.

How Thieves™ Came to Young Living
Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend was created based on the historical tale of a band of thieves in 15th century France. These men, who may have been spice merchants, successfully avoided contracting the plague by rubbing themselves with cloves, rosemary, cinnamon and other aromatics on their bodies before robbing their victims. After researching numerous stories written about these robbers and other medieval texts, D. Gary Young developed the formula now known as Thieves essential oil blend. And now, today’s scientists confirm that the same essential oils the robbers used are powerful antimicrobial agents.

Hundreds of Scientific Reports Confirm Antimicrobial Action of Essential Oils in Thieves Blend
A simple search of the Internet will teach us a large number of essential oils and their constituents have been investigated for their antimicrobial properties. Essential oils of spices and herbs (Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Cinnamon, Sage, and Clove) were found to possess the strongest antimicrobial properties among the many tested.

When Ancient Tradition Links with Modern Society: Thieves™ Blend
Fast forward – 20th century, Young Living Essential Oils begins testing Thieves™ Blend, a proprietary combination of cinnamon, clove and rosemary essential oils for its potent antimicrobial properties. Now the power of Thieves can be found in over a dozen products, from toothpaste and mouthwash to cleaning products, hand soaps and even throat lozenges. The Thieves Family of Products offers safe, natural alternatives to toxic, mass-marketed personal and home care products. Read on for quick tips on using the personal care products at home or on the go.

Thieves™ Blend Product Line: Boost Immune System – Naturally.
In the morning and at bedtime, apply 1-2 drops of Thieves to the soles of your feet. Then, cup hands around your nose and inhale deeply for 2-3 minutes.

Thieves™ Blend is so effective and popular – that there is an entire line of germ fighting products to choose from: Sore Throat Lozenges; Household Cleanser; Bar Soap; Foaming Hand Soap, Toothpaste; and Mouthwash.

Kill Germs that Cause Bad Breath, Gum Disease
Clean teeth, fresh mouth, no harsh abrasives or alcohol are reasons you’ll like all three Dentarome toothpastes and Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash. However, what you’ll appreciate is that they deliver Thieves oil directly to the gumline. According to periodontist Robert Hoskyns, DMD, “certain essential oils kill the bacteria around the gumline which cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. The essential oils’ primary benefit to patients is the acceleration of gum healing and shrinkage due to their antibacterial action.’

Now you can begin your Zone of Protection, with help from the Thieves Family. To get started today, try the Thieves Rewards Pack. You’ll stock up at great savings!!!